Friday, October 28, 2011

Under The Dome Group Read Discussion #4

The last week for the Under The Dome group read. This was so much fun! Thanks Jenny and Suey for organizing!

I finally finished this long long read this week. Overall I liked it. Some parts definitely had me on the edge of my seat, but especially the beginning and the end where a bit dragging.

Suey from It's all about books prepared some great questions for this week (beware for spoilers if you haven't finished the book!): 

1. Were you pleased with the end that Stephen King gave Jim Rennie? Is it what you expected? Was it fitting? If not, how would you have changed it? I was expecting something more gruesome. Definitely some sort of face of between the "good guys" and the bad guy. Looking back it was kind of fitting though. In the end he died all by himself and indirectly because of his own greed.

2.  Explain to us what you thought about the aliens and their "magnifying glass." Did you take it at face value, or is there some underlying deep meaning to it? In other words, is there actually a moral to this story? And if so, how would you explain it?
I have mixed feelings about this. I did like it because it was unexpected, but I did not like the way it was solved. Julia begging to release them and then that was it. There was definitely some sort of moral to the story (enjoy your life because it's short, don't do to others what you don't want to happen to yourself, respect life, bla bla) but I did not pay too much attention to it. I don't want to read a moral tale when I read post-apocalyptic fiction!

3. Pretty much everyone dies! Which death was the saddest for you? The hardest for you to read about? The most gruesome? The one that had you cheering? The one that made you the maddest? I was annoyed by the deaths that were caused by stupidity: the ones that went up to Rennie and told him they knew all his secrets and then were killed by him. The saddest ones were the ones that died at the last moment just before everything was solved. King is really good at doing that and it's heartbreaking. I was cheering for Sammy when she was looking for revenge, but it was sad she killed herself afterwards.

4. If this were made into a movie (as Stephen King books often are) who would you cast in some of the leading roles? I'm terrible at this, but will give it a go:
Julia: Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and V. I kept picturing her as Julia while reading.
Barbie: Channing Tatum would be great because he has this whole army look, but forget my comment about Julia and Barbie hooking up because that would be awkward (yeah, I changed my mind on that!). 
Junior: Ryan Kwanten. I love him on True Blood and I think he can pull off the whole crazy thing.
Rennie: Danny DeVito. I know he's mostly known as a comedic actor, but in terms of looks it's how I'd imagine Big Jim. 

5. Do you think this book is an accurate portrayal of true human nature? Do you think everyone is as corrupt as this? How do you think your community would do in such a crisis? How would you personally handle it? What side would you have ended up on? Some things were definitely realistic, but I thought the good versus evil was a bit extreme. The bad guys were extremely over the top, violent and crazy and the good ones were too boring and not really doing something useful. 


Jenny said...

Well, I'm glad you liked it over all. I agree with you about Sammy. Your cast of characters is fun. I suck at that, I never picture anyone so I have NO idea! Thanks for joining us!

Suey said...

Awesome answers! You list of stars totally fit. I do agree with you that finding a "moral to the story" in a book such as this just doesn't really work. I also thought the begging to be set free and then just having it happen was a bit too easy.. maybe... anti climatic sort of... I don't know. Not what I expected anyway.

Thanks for playing! :)

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